About Us

A life time membership to the most exclusive business & property network in the UK.

What is TEAM E13VEN?

TEAM E13VEN is an exclusive group of business & property entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs coming together to help each other develop, a central hub for people to scale their network and businesses.

Why did we start TEAM E13VEN?

11 has been a pivotal part of our journey, always a sign of reassurance and success, we now want to share that with you. By creating TEAM E13VEN, we have a vision to bring together the UK business & property industry, by way of education and network, on a whole new level.

What's included in the TEAM E13VEN membership?

Weekly zoom calls

Private members only monthly events

Access to a vast network of business professionals

Live Q&A at our HQ in Birmingham City Centre

Priority access to networking event tickets

Priority access to our in house bespoke property sourcing division

Priority access to our in house mortgage division


Priority access to our in house sports division (for all sportspersons and athletes)

Access to our personal power team of solicitors, accountants and mortgage brokers